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“Drop Top Drive By” Chat w/ Sheila E Special “Playboy Jazz Festival” Edition

“Drop Top Drive By”
Chat w/ Sheila E
A “Playboy Jazz Festival”
Special Edition
Teaser Interview by A. Scott Galloway
When fiery drummer/percussion goddess Sheila Escovedo, a.k.a. “Sheila E” hits the stage with her new band at The 34th Annual Playboy Jazz Festival at The Hollywoood Bowl this Saturday June 16, she will be coming in from Netherlands. When she leaves, she will be heading out to Germany, Switzerland and a stop at London’s super hit Jazz Café spot. You cannot hold this lady back as she is always super busy, in demand and sharing her gifts in a plethora of diverse projects.

“Drop Top Drive By” Chat w/ KG Omulo A “Playboy Jazz Festival” Special Edition

“Drop Top Drive By”
Chat w/ KG Omulo
A “Playboy Jazz Festival”
Special Edition    
Interview by A. Scott Galloway
KG Omulo came to America from Kenya at the age of 20 and has been steady on a mission to bring his steaming brew of multi-cultural music to the rest of the world. His self released debut CD Ayah Ye! Moving Train garnered such critical acclaim (“Best Debut CD of 2011” from the Jazz Journalist Society) that the good folks at the Playboy Jazz Festival went out of their way to have him perform at this year’s festivities.

KG Omulo

Kool & The Gang Leader Speaks About Touring With Rockers Van Halen

Kool & The Gang “Jump” On-Tour with Van Halen:
An Interview with Robert “Kool” Bell
by A. Scott Galloway
The minute I heard that `70s soul stalwart band Kool & The Gang was embarking on four months of North America touring with arena rock domineers Van Halen, I was struck with equal parts shock, intrigue and hope.  Shock because though we’ve recently witnessed super successful combo tours by the likes of Earth Wind & Fire with Chicago, both of those Black and White super groups were major pop acts with a not-so-surprising number of mutual fans.  But Kool &the Gang – with its trajectory of early jazz-funk roots followed by disco domination and finally all out pop crossover in the `80s – appeared to be the kind of band that Van Halen’s hard rockin’ legion of followers might sneer at with utter disdain.  Leave it to returning original Van Halen front man David Lee Roth – the Ringling Brother impresario of rock – to push past all that noise like just so many lions through rings of fire.
Kool & The Gang

Our Conversation with Sax Legend Ronnie Laws! | June 2011

Ronnie Laws
This weekend at the 33rd Annual Playboy Jazz Festival comes the arrival of a very special jazz legend – the one and only Ronnie Laws! Ronnie will be in good company at the festival with known artists Stanley Jordan and Walter Beasley, as they perform together as a new group called, “Harmony 3”! Mr. Laws speaks out about the new venture, new projects to come and much more with our very own Terrill J. Hanna!

Our Conversation with Kelly Price! | 2011

Kelly Price
The entire staff & readers welcome one of the most soulful new generational R&B vocalists on the planet – Ms. Kelly Price! With a major nomination at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance for “Tired”, Kelly plans to not just stop there. In our conversation, feat. our very own Terrill Hanna, Kelly speaks about her upcoming new project, big plans for 2011, the future of music and much more! Pull up a chair and check this out! You are on!

Our Conversation with Natalie “The Floacist” Stewart About “Floetic Soul”!

The Floacist
Natalie “The Floacist” Stewart
In just a matter of time, former vocalist of hit R&B group, Floetry, Natalie “The Floacist” Stewart” breathes life once again into a rather attractive debut solo project, “Floetic Soul.” Terrill shared some quality time with The Floacist and discuss details into the making of the record, a genuine conversation about other topics, can ‘Floetry’ return together again down the road and much more!!

El DeBarge Talks About His New Album, “Second Chance” | 2010

El DeBarge
El DeBarge
One of the most anticipated releases for all of music is finally HERE! And Terrill spends some quality time with none other than soulful crooner, Mr. El DeBarge!! El drops by to talk about his new album slated for release Nov. 30th, 2010 titled, “Second Chance.” He also speaks out about the creation of the project, what to look out for down the road and much more! We welcome El DeBarge to The Urban Music Scene!

George Duke Talks About His New Project, “Déjà Vu”!

George Duke
George Duke
A master of his art – a legend in ALL of music. From the keyboards to the songwriting & production dept., Mr. Duke’s name is stapled all across the spectrum of Jazz. Terrill took some time away recently with George to talk about his brand new release from Concord Music, “Déjà Vu”! He candidly speaks about the arrangements, participants, plans for the future & much more! Sit back & chill to this!!

Gerald Albright Talks About “Pushing The Envelope” | 2010

Gerald Albright

Year In – Year Out, Mr. Albright has sizzled his audiences from the bandstand to the music flowing out of their iPods. Recently, Terrill from T.U.M.S. sat down with Gerald to discuss the making of his new album on Heads Up International entitled, “Pushing The Envelope”, to be released June 15th, 2010…The featured artists slated to appear on the project, his perspective on smooth jazz music & much more! To Continue, Please click “MORE”!