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Rahsaan Patterson

Rahsaan Patterson’s 7th: The Prophet Speaks of Love…and Black Power

Rahsaan Patterson Releases First Album in Eight Years – Heroes & Gods – A Richly Inspired Soul/Club Song Cycle Regarding the Arc of a Relationship
by A. Scott Galloway
As a singer, songwriter, producer and performer, Rahsaan Patterson has always gone his own way. It’s what has made his seven albums to date (including a great Christmas project) stand the test of time and he a true artist with which to always reckon. His brand new, long awaited album Heroes & Gods- his first for Shanachie Records – drips with seasoned mastery, confidence, style unbridled soul, deftly mixing danceable grooves with mental massage musings on the ticking time bomb of love relationships. A generous 13 songs deep, it will more than satisfy his fans while also hopefully reeling in passionate new converts. This writer loved the album from first listen – a rarity given so much “R&B” music today – and was eager to reunite with the artist I’ve been interviewing since album one.