Our Conversation with Robin Thicke! | Special “Playboy Jazz Edition” 2012

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The 34th Annual Playboy Jazz Festival this year welcomes one of the brightest singers in the Music industry – Mr. Robin Thicke. Aside from creating music in and out of the studio, Mr. Thicke is also currently enjoying a stint on ABC’s hit reality TV Show “Duets”. This will be Robin’s 1st year at the special event the weekend of June 16th & 17th, 2012. See what our Publisher Terrill J. Hanna had to share in conversation with the acclaimed artist!

Terrill J. Hanna: We welcome one of the finest R&B crooners in the game to T.U.M.S., Mr. Robin Thicke!

Robin Thicke: How are you doing my man?

T.H.: I’m doing great! How about you?

R.T.: Very good, Thank You.

T.H.: Lets talk about a lot of great things that are happening for you right now. In the last 5-6 months, you released your 5th recording “Love After War”. How has the CD done for you?

R.T.: It’s doing great! I have been very happy about what people are saying about it. They seem to really dig it. We did some shows and tours and lots of people have responded greatly to it. I’m just excited to keep making good music.

T.H.: Are you currently back in the studio working on a 6th project or songwriting?

R.T.: I’m always in the studio writing new music and am working on content for the new album.

T.H.: Can you give us a heads up on any new projects with artists you are working with right now?

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R.T.: Well, at this time I have been very busy with this new ABC show called “Duets” – it has been taking up a lot of my time lately. And I have a 2 year old boy to which I spend the rest of my time with…and then when time permits I head into the studio to begin working on a new album. So, I really haven’t been able to work with other artists. I have a lot of music I’m working on for myself at the moment.

T.H.: Sounds good. You brought up ABC’s new series “Duets”…How is the show coming along for you?

R.T.: It’s GREAT man! It’s very exciting – Me and John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, ….there’s a lot of talents on there and every night we sing with our contestants. It’s like we put on a free concert every night. It’s pretty exciting!

T.H.: What should we look forward to when you step up there on that stage – on “Duets”?

R.T.: You know, Passion and Soul, and…(laughing)

T.H.: (laughing) …you bring a lot of love up on the stage when you come to sing Brother. We, as well as our readers at T.U.M.S., are excited to see you on the show.

R.T.: Me & John…, we toured together before & so we are having a good time, just hanging out, cracking jokes & having fun.

T.H.: …then comes the Big 34th Annual Playboy Jazz Festival. Are you excited about being a part of that event?

R.T.: Yeah Man! That’s the legendary gig man. That’s where some of the best singers come to perform at. I’m very excited about being a part of the show this year.

T.H.: Being that this is a ‘Jazz’ event, are you coming out to give us a taste of some ‘jazz vocals’ or just touch on some of your trademark hit songs?

R.T.: Well, I’ll definitely do some of my well known material. That’s why they asked me because some of my stuff is very jazzy (chuckles). “Lost Without You” is a pretty jazzy vocal. (laughs) Some of my records lends itself to that kind of environment. I have a few records in mind that will be great for the audience. I also think it’s fun to do the other stuff, shake it up a little bit and then bring what you bring.

T.H.: Are you coming with a band?

R.T.: I always have my band with me, so yes.

T.H.: Right on! That’s going to be an exciting show with you and all the great guests coming out this year.

R.T.: Exactly.

T.H.: I’m excited for you as well Robin. You have a lot of good things happening for you right now. You have came a long way Brother.

R.T.: Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

T.H.: 5 Recordings, a new show on ABC – “Duets”, a beautiful addition to your family, your 2 year old son…

R.T.: Yes, my 2 year old boy – My little Angel.

T.H.: Cool man…and then the upcoming Playboy Jazz Festival. Are you planning on going back on tour anytime soon – after all of this is done?

R.T.: I’ll probably be going back on tour after the ‘Duets” show. I can’t elaborate on it right now, but I am going to be doing ANOTHER show coming this fall. A different format. I’ll be working for the next 6-7 months on these different things. I don’t know how much touring I will be able to do.

T.H.: Are you at liberty to discuss what the new show is going to be about?

R.T.: Not yet. We are just finalizing the deal. I shouldn’t say anything about it right now…but you know, it’s exciting. Things are happening fast. I’ll probably be on the road sometime soon, but I just don’t know when. (Laughs)

T.H.: Cool. That’s more good news! On that note, Thanks for taking the time out to hang out with us today Robin! ALL the ladies on our staff wanted to give you a shout out (laughs).

Robin Thicke IV

R.T.: Oh – OK! (laughs) Give them my love…

T.H.: Absolutely Man. Is there anything you would like to share with our Readers?

R.T.: Just to say, Thank You, for your continued support and I’m sending you my love for that.

T.H.: Right on – Once again, Thank you for your time. Shall we do a Part 2 of an interview down the line?

R.T.: You got it my Man.

Visit Robin Thicke’s website for more news and updates!

by Terrill J. Hanna

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